Bots are also known as AFK games, which involve automating the control of a character in a game so that a player does not have to interact directly with it. As a result of World of Warcraft’s Terms of Use Agreement, this is strictly forbidden. Most often, the wow combat bot uses a set of macros to control the character.

Botter report

While botters may not interfere with your gameplay or interfere with it, they are considered a threat by some due to excessive farming allegedly damaging the virtual economy of a server. However, this is often disputed due to examples where economies have normalized servers with heavy gold farming presence. The wow combat bot in PvP is also regarded as a great nuisance in battlegrounds because they bring your team disadvantages and bore you to death.

wow rotation bot

Farming gold and materials

Gold can be harvested directly with bots (from gold drops by mobs) or indirectly with bots (from gold-selling materials). Some WoW areas are explored and mapped by botting communities that yield the best gold per hour. Many botters farm rare items from Stranglethorn Vale, such as the Hyacinth Macaw.

It is almost impossible to farm items like these without a bot due to their phenomenally low drop rates (roughly 1 in 1500 for the Macaw). It is also used by gold farmers, who trade in-game gold, loot, and services for real-world cash. Blizzard is more interested in stopping gold sellers (not gold buyers) than gold buyers so both parties may get banned. They use bots to power-level characters or grind mobs continuously for rare drops.

The honor system

It is also possible to farm honor on the Battlegrounds with bots. Some bots, such as Pirox and Honorbuddy, even include profiles for all battlegrounds by default. The most popular use of bots is to level. One of three ways to do this is through questing, PvPing, or grinding. Some bots have quest profiles that automatically perform quests (including completing and turning in quests). In pure grinding, players kill certain mobs in specific areas until they reach a certain level. Since questing profiles weren’t developed yet, and PvP battlegrounds didn’t yield experience for a long time, pure grinding was the only way to level with a bot from 2005 to 2009.